Dr. Katherine Wong, Doctor of Dental Medicine

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About Dr. Katherine Wong

Dr. Katherine Wong, Doctor of Dental Medicine

Dr. Wong Dr. Wong graduated from UBC dentistry in 2000, with an undergraduate Science degree in Cellular, molecular and microbiology from the University of Calgary in 1993 followed by a Master's degree in Microbiology from UBC in 1996. She has had multiple research publications and was a speaker at The World Conference of Dental research in 1999. She practiced as an associate in offices in Port Coquitlam and North Vancouver prior to buying this practice in Richmond in 2004. Dr. Wong is known for her gentle touch and quality work. She is very deliberate and thorough, so much so that she drives her hygienists batty over how long she takes with the check up exams. She has a strong sense of ethics, and would never recommend something to her patients that she didn't think was necessary to ensure their continued oral health. She is happily married with two beautiful kids, Michael and Alicia. She admits that it's tough to balance work and family, but the smiles on her patients’ faces at the office and the hugs she gets from her kids definitely make it all worthwhile.

Dr. Wong keeps current by attending a myriad of study clubs and various dental conventions:

  • attends Pacific Dental Convention yearly
  • is a member of the UBC Orthodontics study group
  • completed the Invisalign Certificate level 1 (in 2003)
  • was a member of the Prosthodontics  and Implants  study group mentored by Dr. Grahm Matheson (from 2001 – 2003)
  • was a member of the sleep apnea study group mentored by Dr. Alan Lowe (2004-2005)
  • attended occlusion and esthetics  study group mentored by Dr. John Nasedkin (2007-2008)
  • Associate member of IAO (International Association for Orthodontics)